Equipment reliability is the primary cost consideration for mining operations. Mobile equipment costs are ever increasing from operation, labour requirements, and capital investment of replaceable fluids, filters and failed components. OEI cleanable magnetic filters are proven to maximize equipment uptime and operating life to improve business impact.

Feature Case Study

ROI: Engine Rebuild Preventions, $1,450,000

Gold Mine

Papua New Guinea / 2018 – Ongoing

CAT 739D Haul Trucks

Engine Oil

The CAT 789D haul trucks being used at a gold mine in Papua New Guinea were experiencing frequent engine failures due to wear contamination damaging tight-tolerance engine components. The mine required a solution for equipment downtime and lost productivity.

Begin a 2 year trial deploying OEI ADD-Vantage 9000 engine oil filters on 6 haul trucks.


The results were so compelling that after only 1 year the mine outfitted an additional 36 haul trucks with the OEI ADD-Vantage 9000 filters.

In 1 year, the OEI filters saved the mining operation $1,450,000 in engine rebuild preventions and extended oil intervals.

The mine intends to outfit their full fleet of CAT 789D haul trucks with OEI filters to protect their coolant systems, engines, hydraulics, wheel motors and fuel systems.



36 Haul Truck Engines & 1.5 Million Dollar Savings

The challenge was to extend engine oil change interval and rebuild times. The CAT 785D haul trucks at a gold mine were experiencing frequent engine failures due to wear contamination. The mine required a solution for equipment downtime and lost productivity.

Dragline Gearbox Testimonials

The challenge was to lower the ferrous contamination levels in dragline #5 gearboxes, and improve ISO fluid cleanliness levels. 

Exceeding Hydraulic Fluid ISO Standard Within a 3 Hour PM Period

A diamond mine in the North West Territories of Canada was challenged with hydraulic system failures that were causing frequent unschedule downtime. The maintenance manager required a filter skid capable of improving the Komatsu Shovel’s hydraulic fluid ISO rating 25/24/16 to the standard 18/16/13 within the three hour pm period.

Preventing Break Failure on a 16H Grader

Rio Tinto Iron Ore Group was experiencing frequent grader chain case downtime due to wear contamination prematurely wearing the chain case, sprockets, bearings, and gears.

Predictive Maintenance on a 930E Haul Truck Wheel Motor

The challenge was to find a more effective predictive maintenance tool than OEM ceramic-magnetic plugs to monitor and identify premature wear of the haul truck wheel motors.

Prevent Final Drive Failure fo a C10 & C11 Dozer Fleet

A leading coal producer in Australia’s Bowen basin wanted to extend the service intervals of their dozer fleet from 250 hours to 330 hours. The OEM CAT magnetic filter plugs were unable to remove enough wear contamination from the dozer’s final drives to protect them from premature failure, and the mine required a more effective magnetic technology. If the service extension could be achieved, the cost savings would be significant in terms of reducing transport (float hire), unscheduled downtime, equipment replacement, and maintenance.

Cancelling the Rebuild of a CAT 3508 Haul Truck Engine

The challenge was to extend the life of a Kress coal haul truck 3508 CAT engine; these engines have an expected operating life of 16,000 hours. At 13,000 BMA Blackwater performed an oil analysis and found high levels of wear contamination (PQ 12) which resulted in a rebuild diagnosis.

OEI magnetic filters are designed for 95+% efficiency: they are optimized for fluid viscosity, flow volume, flow rate, temperature, mobility, and mounting requirements.

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