Sustainable magnetic filtration solutions for machinery operators around the world.


OEI magnetic filtration is the simplest way to achieve rapid payback with the lowest risk by extending the life of rotating equipment. As a result, safety is improved while substantially reducing the costs and the environmental impact of operations.

OEI magnetic filtration is employed internationally by leaders in the oil and gas, mining, commercial and residential building, manufacturing, transportation, food, pharmaceutical, defense, petrochemical, and marine industries. The first OEI filtration system was installed in 2001, and has been proven successful in over 40 countries.
The core technology in all One Eye Industries magnetic filtration products is a magnetic filter element designed with a patented radial magnetic field configuration to remove wear particles down to 4 microns and below.

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One Eye Industries Launches “CleanMud Filtration Systems(TM)” and Uncovers an Unknown 1%

One Eye Industries Inc. (OEI) has launched CleanMud Filtration Systems™, the company’s latest innovation in magnetic filtration. CleanMud Filtration is designed to filter wear contamination from oil, water and chemical-based mud, along with fracking and completion fluid. The patented technology removes more than 95 per cent of wear contamination down to and below one micron in size.

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