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In Demanding Applications

Mining Case Studies

BMA Blackwater CAT 3508 Haul Truck Engine Oil

Cement Mine Heavy Lube Oil Drums

Coal Mine C10 and C11 Dozer Fleet Final Drive Lube Oil

ColoWyo Mine Fuel Dispenser

Consol Energy Corp Diesel Fuel Dispenser

Diamond Mine Shovel Hydraulic Fluid

Dragline Gearbox Lube Oil

Gold Mine CAT Haul Truck Fleet Engine Oil

Iron Ore IOCC High Flow Diesel Fuel Line

Rio Tinto 16H Break System Lube Oil

Teck Coal 930E Haul Truck Wheel Motor Lube Oil

BMA Open Cut Coal Mine Marion Dragline Gear Box

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Blackwater Mine Haul Truck Coolant

Arch Coal P&H 2800 Shovel Hoist Case

Yanacocha Cat 24 H Gold Mine Grader

Watson Foundation Drill Hydraulic System

Tinto Copper North Parkes Conveyor Drive Gearbox

Syncrude 793B Transmission Fluid

Surface Lignite Mine Diesel Tank Flushing

Shovel Gear Box Kidney Loop

Round Mountain Mine Haul Truck Diesel Fuel

Rio Tinto P&H XP2800 Crowd Gearbox Lube Oil

Rio Tinto Komatsu 830E Hope Downs

Rio Tinto Chain Case Oil

Oil Sands P&H 4100C Gear Box Lube Oil

Newcrest Mining Cone Crusher

Mount Polley Pebble Mill Lube Bearing Oil

Mount Polley Mining Pinion Lube Oil Regrind Ore Crusher

Mosaic Hydraulic Top Off Tank

Mainland Sand and Gravel Cat Haul Truck Gearbox

LaFarge Clemro 500 New Gravel Crusher

Komatsu 930E Fleet Wheel Motor

Komatsu 475 Dozers

Kiewit Unit Rig Haul Truck Steering Fluid

Kennecott Copper Bucyrus 49R Rotary Gear

Iron Ore Komatsu 830E Wheel Motor Lube Oil

Iron Ore Komatsu 830E Wheel Motor GE 787 Drive System Lube Oil

Interquisa PTA TA Dryer Lube Oil

GE Wheel Motors Komatsu 830E

Fording River Kidney Loop

Dawson Coal Mine Marion Swing Case Gear Lube

Copper Mine PH2800 Crowd Hoist Swing Gear Lube

Consol Energy Longwall Emulsion System

Argentina Cement Plant MAAG Drive

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